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Week 17

My viewpoint of social media has changed significantly. It has made me question the purpose of social media and made me like it less than before. I almost don't want to use social media anymore after this assignment. I understand that these companies have a need to make money somehow, but it seems social media like Facebook is slowly transitioning into an advertisement.

No one would voluntarily subject themselves to advertising, so Facebook must start with good intentions and make the transition slow, to the point where users wont even be able to notice it. I say this because there are now things appearing in my news-feed that I did not subscribe too.Soon, Facebook will turn into a 'personalized' content aggregator with your newsfeed being catered towards advertisements that you may find 'relevant.'

I have a better understanding how to use social media in order to take advantage of other people, not how to develop a business. Every business page I was assigned to a…

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