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Blog Week Four Post Two

Before Instructure, we used BlackBoard. BlackBoard was difficult to navigate, it had too many links in one page and was clunky. It was very disorganized. Instructure is much more organized and its navigation is much easier than BlackBoard. Instructure has ease of use and navigation.

Reddit is similar. Everything is divided into subreddits. It has very good of navigation and ease of use. The only problem with Reddit is that when you view the comments for a post, it can be very disorganized and can be hard to follow the comment thread. I use a browser add-on called Reddit Enhancement Suite in order to organize the comment layout and make it easier to read.

Reddit could be improved by working on the comment threads. At the moment, it is hard to read without the third-party add-on I use to organize it. I continue to come back to the site because while its comment threads are poorly organized, the posts and content themselves are very or…

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